The Spring Equinox: Moving Forward into the Cycle of Rebirth for 2019



Today is March 20, which means today we enter the glorious cycle of rebirth that presents itself to us each year. The days will get longer and the sun will become brighter as the earth renews itself once again in the timeless progression of the universe.

Celebrated for Eons of Time

For thousands of years, it’s been marked on ancient and modern calendars alike, as a significant turning point in the annual progression of the earth along its cosmic journey through the galaxy. This journey itself is symbolic of the opposing forces of lightness and darkness as the Earth cycles around the Sun. At the exact moment in time during this cycle, when the Earth crosses the equator, there is balance as our day and our night become equal in length.

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It’s a high point on a number of cultural, religious, and spiritual calendars and as such, is celebrated in many ways around the globe. Spring is new beginnings whereas the Autumn Equinox, which falls in September, symbolizes an equally important part of nature’s cycle: the end of things as they recede into winter to await their renewal the following spring. There’s spiritual significance that has transcended all changes in time, through all periods of history, unchanged.

Consistently and pervasively through all cultures and times, the Spring Equinox and the days surrounding have been characterized as the time to celebrate not just the first day of Spring but also to celebrate moving forward and shedding the darkness of winter. Whether you’re following a nature-bound pathway in life where spring plantings are celebrated or the spiritual metaphors of the spring equinox resonate more with you, March 20 and the week(s) thereafter are a time to rejoice and look to the future.

A Time of Balance

So it’s a good time to celebrate spring but It’s also one of the most important times of the year for re-balancing your energies. The term equinox literally means “balance” and “night” – a moment in time when the hours of the day equal the hours of the night. The day is in perfect harmony with perfectly balanced energies that we can all align own energies with. This is a naturally-occurring event, so many of us feel the pull toward this alignment so intensely this time of year. It can best be described as a sense of needing to re-balance, reconnect, and renew.

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When you are balanced, your soul is in alignment with Mother Nature, with your mind, and with your body. It’s about deepening your spiritual consciousness, which can become strengthened around the time of the Spring Equinox

Tapping Into the Sacred Energies of the Goddesses

The goddess Eostre is in full strength, at her most powerful right now so it’s also a good time to call upon her. As the goddess of new beginnings, dawn, and fertility, this is her most sacred time. In addition, we have Gaia, the earth goddess, the embodiment of the sacred feminine – mother nature, literally.

We honour the springtime goddesses in the ways that have meaning for us individually and spiritually. If you listen close enough, they will make you aware of how you should honour them. Through awareness and openness, you can open your heart and hear their messages, which are at their most powerful during the spring equinox and the weeks following.

The spring equinox plays an important role in all of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. The planets and their journey around the solar system have a direct effect on your mind, body, and spirit, which is why this is one of the best times all year for a psychic astrology reading. And even if you’ve missed the actual day, the energies remain in their utmost balanced positions throughout the weeks afterwards. Call anytime this week and speak to any of our psychics who specialize in Astrology. It’s the perfect time of year!

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