The Star (Firebird)


Russian tales of the magical firebird describe the brilliantly hued bird with tail feathers much like that of a peacock. Its lifespan is very long, and it is extremely wise and psychic. The firebird doesn’t directly aid humans, but shares its knowledge so people may learn to do things for themselves.
A number of important symbols relating to the firebird’s powers are prominent in The Star card. Apples of death and rebirth move upward with the feathers of reincarnation to create a spiral of constantly moving energy. These symbols allude not only to afterlives, but to the cycles of change that occur within each life. The skull offers a potent reminder that the soul does not die when we give up the physical body. The nearby key indicates the skull’s key role with the firebird, and its connection to spirituality, magick, and the mysteries of the universe.

Divinatory Meaning: You will achieve success in spite of adversity and opposition. Because you have tapped into a new line of energy, many good experiences are coming your way.

Magickal Uses: Use to remove opposition to your goals. Also use in spells for gaining self-confidence, knowledge helpful in career building, starting a new business or increasing success in an old one.

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